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Why Are Weber Grills So Expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)




Whether you consider yourself an expert pitmaster or just a weekend warrior, if you’ve ever been involved in barbecue, you know the name, Weber.


This grill brand has long been considered a picture of quality and a leader in the barbecue grill industry.

Whether it’s gas, charcoal, wood-smoking, or a flat cooktop, Weber Grills have always been a staple in the argument for the best.

However, Weber grills can also be expensive.

Why does a Weber Grill drive such a high price?



Why Are Weber Grills So Expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)


1. A Guarantee

weber grill


You get a 10-year part and warranty program when purchasing a Weber Grill.

This includes the repair of the unit and any component that goes into this repair.

If anything happens that compromises its grilling perfection after you bring your grill home, Weber will cover the parts and the cost of repairing the unit.


That’s a large amount of confidence to have in your product.

However, this confidence isn’t misplaced.

Weber is known for creating an extremely high-quality barbecuing unit.

Some of their models are known to last for decades—some even 20 and 30 years.

That’s almost unheard of in the grilling industry.


If they malfunction, the parts are easy to come by and relatively easy to fix.

Most retail outlets have additional features available and will even do the repairs for you.

If you can’t find a big-box store to handle it for you, any store that specializes in grills certainly will.

This assumes you can’t locate the original store you purchased the grill from.

Considering the high price of these grills, this is something you should be aware of.



2. A Popular Brand Name

Weber logo


You’re not just paying for the unit itself when you pay for a Weber Grill.

You’re paying for the name “Weber Grill.”

When you say it in the average American household, it rings bells.


There aren’t many people who don’t know what a Weber Grill is.

Weber started a trend in the grilling industry.

Their first significant design was a simple prototype known as the kettle grill.

As simple as it was, this little grill would revolutionize the grilling world.

At the time of its release, the only grills available had an open-top design.


If the wind blew, you could get dust and dirt all over your food, but they were also prone to flareups, leaving you with burnt meat.

The simple enclosed design from Weber eliminated multiple problems for grillers around the country.

Because of its history, Weber remains the most popular brand in the grilling industry.

The design mentioned above came out in 1952.

Since then, grilling has become more high-tech, and the designs are more intricate.


There are also many more names in the hat when it comes to manufacturers.

Believe it or not, there are people out there who still own the original 1952 kettle-style by Weber.

It has become an entire sub-niche in the grilling industry.

The brand has had some stiff competition over the years and a lot of newcomers looking to reinvent the wheel.

However, the team at Weber has ensured the name holds value and is a significant reason their units still fetch a pretty penny.



3. The Highest-Quality Components

Weber Baby Q barbecue grill


Weber is known for producing great-tasting food.

They’re also known for creating a grill that is very durable.

Regardless of the grilling medium (charcoal, propane, etc.), each of their units is created from high-quality stainless steel and durable components.


They also put each of their grills through rigorous testing before it is released to the public.

Behind the scenes, the makers at Weber ensure the grills they create stand up to the test of time.

Additionally, manufacturers use data to improve newer generations of grills they release to ensure top quality.

Before the grill ends up on your porch, it’s been tested against rusting, denting, and any other joint damage the outdoor elements can bring.

Weber even takes their manufacturing a step further than stainless steel.


Some of their models even use cast iron in their design.

The lack of rust brings another element to any griller who owns a Weber.

You can grill year-round and use these bad boys in the snow if you’re hardcore.


4. Engineering Marvels

Weber Grill on a wooden deck



You would have difficulty finding a grill as well-engineered as a Weber.

There are plenty of grills in existence that are more high-tech than a Weber.

You probably can find plenty of grills that are bigger than most Weber grills.

However, additional bells and whistles don’t always equal the best final product.

Weber has and continues to manufacture all its products with two essential elements: durability and functionality.


Since they released the simple-yet-effective kettle-style grill in 1952, Weber has always made it a point to release easy grills for the user.

They don’t have a fancy igniter or wood-burning electric compartment.

There’s no precision electric knob to control your smoker to the most precise degree.

What you will get with a Weber is a grill that makes it easy to go from A to B.

All of the releases from these grilling geniuses contain easy-to-follow instructions for assembly, and they’re even easier to use.


The team at Weber focuses on things that matter the most when they design a grill.

Instead of placing attention on fancy lights or ignition switches, they spend time testing to ensure a release is going to feel suitable for the user.

The number one priority is releasing a product that will produce the highest-quality food.

Things like air circulation and a cooking area that distributes heat evenly are what you’ll find on the agenda of Weber’s production team—and these are the things that matter most.



5. Energy Efficient

Weber BBQ Gas Grill Spirit


Here’s something you probably wouldn’t expect to see from a company that makes its living by releasing smoke into the air.

Weber boasts a line of more energy-efficient products, leading to easier cooking for you and a better outcome when the food is complete.

How exactly does a grill company make its products more energy efficient?

It’s not as complicated as you think.


Earlier, we stated that most Weber Grills are crafted from stainless steel.

The inside portion of the grill—the actual rack and grates—is fashioned out of cast iron.

Cast iron does a much better job of containing heat.

This energy efficiency is magnified ten-fold if you have a Weber Grill that incorporates cast iron into the exterior design.

When your grill holds its heat for longer than usual, you aren’t spending as much money on propane or charcoal.


You can use lower temperatures to heat your food because none of the heat is escaping.

Besides the energy efficiency, cast iron provides a much better surface to cook your food on.

Because of how it holds its heat, you get a pretty set of grill marks on your food, which is any expert grill master’s trademark.


6. Weber Innovation

Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Touch-N-Go Gas Ignition System, Black

Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Touch-N-Go Gas Ignition System, Black 



Weber is also an innovative brand.

Just because they focus on releasing a simple grill design that’s easy to use doesn’t mean they’re not creative with their plans.

They must rely on cutting-edge designs because they release models made for charcoal, wood smoke, and propane, and they release multiple cooktops.

The team at Weber has never been a group to lock itself inside of a box with no room for growth.


Over the years, grilling has evolved substantially.

What started as the tiny kettle grill in 1952 that took a fistful of charcoal has grown into a multi-million-dollar global brand with hundreds of different offerings.

Weber’s innovation has allowed them to create a product for all types of grillers.

They have simple grills similar to the kettle-style if you’re a basic weekend warrior.

Maybe you prefer the convenience of cooking with propane.


Some people live and die by wood and smoke.

Regardless of how you choose to prepare your food, Weber strives to keep itself flexible and accommodate grillers of every discipline.

This is a stark difference from other companies that focus on one type of grill and claim it’s the only way to cook.

Weber has refused to wear a single hat, which has kept their prices a bit more expensive.

However, it’s also kept them competitive as the years roll on.



7. Unmatched Customer Support

Young female technical support dispatcher working in office


If you own a Weber Grill, you’re also paying for the unmatched customer support they provide.

What we’re talking about goes well beyond the warranty.

Sure, the 10-year guarantee is a huge selling point.


However, Weber has an extensive phone and online support system.

They’re available to provide you with any service you could imagine.

If you’re having technical difficulties, you always have an answer.

They’re a phone call away if you need to know where the closest location is to buy replacement parts.

Even if you want tips for the best ways to use your Weber Grill, their customer support team is at your service.


It isn’t easy to find this level of support and care in any industry.

However, this level of attention doesn’t come easy, and it’s certainly not cheap.

Weber employs a sizeable staff of phone and online agents to maintain this network, which is factored into the cost of all the products they sell.


8. Superior Performance

Summertime and baby back ribs on the grill



When it comes to Weber Grills, you’re paying for superior performance.

We’re not just talking about durability or innovative parts.

We’re talking picture-perfect results when you grill your food.

If you read online reviews regarding a Weber, you’ll find plenty of entries from first-time Weber users who are mesmerized.

A large majority of the first-time user stories are highly positive, and once a user buys a Weber, they’re hooked for life.


All of the research put into the design of their grills are combined with the quality parts we mentioned earlier to deliver a grill that produces some of the finest grilled items known to man.

The evenly distributed heat and airflow allow all of the products cooked on the grill to come off with a perfect sear and a uniform temperature.

Assuming you know the basics about cooking on a grill, you won’t get pieces of meat that come off with one side well-done and the other medium-rare.

You also don’t have to worry about flare-ups that burn your food or a lack of heat that undercooks your food.

Creating a product that performs this high costs money, and the technical level is exceptionally high.


Any new product release requires months of testing in a controlled environment.

These costs add up quickly and are then passed on to the consumer.


9. Long-Term Ownership

Weber company of a top of a gas grill covered in raindrops


You do invest a higher amount upfront for a Weber Grill.


However, this money goes further when you compare it to a grill that might be cheaper on the front end.

For example, you pay $500 for a Weber Grill, then you turn around and pay $400 for Brand X.

Your Brand X grill doesn’t stand up to the element.

You might have to make a repair or two, plus the cost of additional propane or charcoal because it’s not as energy-efficient, and you’re lucky to get five years out of it.

On the other hand, you have your Weber Grill, which requires a minimal purchase of additional items.


The energy efficiency allows you to save extra money over the long term.

You might not even have to make any repairs.

When it’s all said and done, you get 15 years out of the Weber.

Now, which grill makes more sense when it comes to long-term ownership?

The initial $500 with Weber would provide more bang for your buck.


The manufacturers at Weber are aware of the fact that because of the long-term factor, they can charge top dollar for their products.

However, this is a perfect example of getting what you pay for.

Even though the initial investment is higher, we’d consider it money well spent if you’re purchasing a Weber.


10. Something For Everyone And Comparison To Other Brands

steaks on the grill



The final reason (or reasons) that Weber is so expensive is that they provide something for everyone compared to other brands.

Most other grill manufacturers specialize in one specific type of product.

You have Traeger, which does electric smokers.

Then you have Big Green Egg.

When we’re talking about grill manufacturers, you get one of two things:

  • A company that’s great at producing one type of grill.
  • A company that produces multiple versions of mediocre grills.

Weber somehow manages to walk the fine line between both.

Their team can create a product line with dozens of different models that accommodate grillers of all types.

Because of their versatility, they can cater to a broader audience, which fetches the brand a much higher dollar figure at the end of the day.

There’s a significant amount of cost that goes into producing several types of products of high quality.

Being a jack of all trades means having everything you need to manufacture each different model.

Essentially, Weber has to be four or five companies in one.


The components required to manufacture electric grills are entirely different than those of charcoal.

A smoker has an entirely different makeup than a flat-top grill.

All these different combinations require an investment that accommodates production.

Once again, this cost is passed on to the consumer.



Are Weber Grills Worth The Money?

brand new 57cm Weber Master-Touch Kettle BBQ


After examining all of the points in this article, we think it’s safe to assume you would agree that Weber is, in fact, worth the money.

However, one essential element goes into our belief in the fact that Weber is worth it.

There are no components on their grills that are a waste of money.

What do we mean by this?


You won’t find any components on a Weber Grill that don’t have something to do with superior cooking quality.

When you buy a Weber, you’re not paying for fancy bells and whistles that are solely pleasing to the eye.

Like we said earlier, you can find more high-tech grills.

You can even find grills that are better looking than Weber.

However, you’ll have difficulty finding a grill that competes with Weber’s performance.


The durability is another huge deciding factor in this decision.

When you buy a Weber, you’re making an investment netting you quality grill ownership for AT LEAST the next 10 years.

That’s at a minimum.

This is what’s guaranteed by the makers.

However, you can be sure that you’re likely getting a grill that lasts 15 to 20 years, assuming you don’t run over it with a car.


In the world of grills, smokers, and barbecues, this kind of lifespan is almost unheard of.

We can safely say that the price of a Weber is warranted.

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Three Stars from Day 3 of WJC: Canada’s McTavish joins elite company –



Canada and the U.S. dominated in their second game of the tournament while Czechia and Finland went toe-to-toe and needed a shootout to determine a winner on Day 3 of the World Junior Hockey Championship.

The Canadian team rebounded from a sluggish performance with an 11-1 win over Slovakia, a game in which captain Mason McTavish added his name to the country’s record books.

Against Switzerland, the United States took their game to another gear that their opponent could not match as they cruised to a 7-1 victory to improve to 2-0 at the tournament.


Finland dropped a crucial point as they had to overcome a 2-0 deficit but were able to pick up the shootout win over their rival Czechia.

Here is a look at the top performances from Day 3 of the world juniors.

3rd Star: Luke Hughes, USA

Coming from a great hockey family, Luke Hughes is making most of his opportunity as one of the top defencemen for the U.S. 

The younger brother of Quinn and Jack displayed his mobility and vision against Switzerland with a three-point effort. He now has five points in his first two games of the tournament — more than either of his brothers ever achieved at this event in fewer games.

Hughes leads all defenceman in scoring so far in the tournament and is tied for fourth overall.


The 18-year-old played 21:18 against the Swiss to lead the U.S. in ice time playing on the top pairing with Brock Faber. His play from this point will be a crucial part of his team’s success given the creativity he displayed, especially on Matt Coronato’s goal in the second period.

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margin: 0 auto;

He made another top-notch set up on Thomas Bordeleau’s power-play goal in the third period as he delayed enough to get the defenders to pull towards his side of the ice.

.acf-block-preview .instagram-twitter-container {
width: 340px;
margin: 0 auto;

2nd Star: Carter Mazur, USA

Coming into the tournament, Carter Mazur is looking to build off an impressive season at the University of Denver. 


While he was in a scoring slump in his first NCAA season, the Detroit Red Wings prospect made a call to his NHL team’s assistant director of player development, Daniel Cleary. After that, he would go on to finish with 14 goals and 38 points in 41 games.

Those tips have now turned Mazur into a scoring machine as he accounted for two of the team’s seven goals and was also named the player of the game as the top line of Mazur, Landon Slaggert, and Thomas Bordeleau had an impressive performance against Switzerland

After a scoreless first period, Mazur wasn’t going to make any mistake on a point-blank chance in front of the net with Mackie Samoskevich making a great pass from behind the net.

.acf-block-preview .instagram-twitter-container {
width: 340px;
margin: 0 auto;

With the Americans looking to add to their lead, Mazur was once again the beneficiary of a great pass from Slaggert as he made no mistake from the front of the net.


.acf-block-preview .instagram-twitter-container {
width: 340px;
margin: 0 auto;

He added another assist on Slaggert’s goal later in the period for his third point of the game. Through his first two games at the world juniors, Mazur has four points and is tied for sixth in scoring.

1st Star: Mason McTavish, Canada

On a night where Canada dominated from start to finish, Mason McTavish joined some elite company with a night he’ll certainly remember for a long time.

The 19-year-old joined Mario Lemieux, Simon Gagné, Brayden Schenn, Taylor Raddysh, Maxime Comtois and teammate Connor Bedard as the only players to score four goals in a single world junior game for Canada. The tournament record for goals in a single game is held by Sweden’s Ola Rosander who had six back in 1987.

With his performance against Slovakia in a dominant win for Canada, McTavish now sits atop the scoring lead with eight points in two games after registering six points in this game.


McTavish scored his first goal of the game on a breakaway — with Canada already leading 5-0 midway through the second — making no mistake to beat Tomas Bolo, who came into the game after starter Simon Latkoczy was pulled going into the second period.

His second goal came off a great play by Joshua Roy who flipped the puck in the air to Brennan Othmann who then set up McTavish as he finished with a backhander to put Canada up 7-1. McTavish would complete the second-period hat trick, a day after Alexander Blank did the same for Germany, after a selfless pass from Roy on a 2-on-0 break.

Canada would capitalize on a turnover on McTavish’s fourth goal as Othmann set him up alone in front of the net and he made no mistake.

.acf-block-preview .instagram-twitter-container {
width: 340px;
margin: 0 auto;

There was some doubt about whether McTavish would suit up for Canada after playing a fair amount of hockey last season. Making his NHL debut with the Anaheim Ducks, the third overall pick from the 2021 NHL Draft played in a total of 72 games between the NHL, AHL, OHL, Memorial Cup and the Olympics.


Instead, McTavish decided to join the team in Edmonton and take on the role as captain where he has excelled centring Canada’s top line with Bedard and and a rotation of Roy and Othmann.

Canada will now look forward to a matchup against Czechia with a chance to improve to 3-0.

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text-decoration: none;
color: black;

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The No. 21 is now synonymous with the longest winning streaks in NFL regular and preseason history. the 2003-04 Patriots won 21 consecutive games, an NFL record. On Thursday night, the Ravens won their 21st consecutive preseason game after securing a 23-10 decision against the Tennessee Titans

Baltimore has not lost a preseason game since 2016. Joe Flacco was their starting quarterback when the streak began, while Steve Smith Jr., who this past year was eligible for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the first time, was heading into his final NFL season. Baltimore’s roster also included Terrell Suggs, who was entering his second-to-last season with the franchise. 

Along with not losing preseason games, another constant in Baltimore over the past six years has been kicker Justin Tucker, who is entering his 11th season with the Ravens. Tucker’s field goals of 47, 25 and 47 yards on Thursday night helped Baltimore pull out the win after falling behind midway through the second quarter. 


The Ravens won Thursday’s game by winning the turnover margin while holding the Titans to 1 of 3 red zone efficiency. One of those turnovers was scooped up by Kyle Hamilton, the Ravens’ first-round pick in this past year’s draft. 

Baltimore won despite the efforts of Malik Willis, the Titans’ rookie quarterback who overcame a slow start to score his first NFL touchdown, a 7-yard run early in the second quarter. Speaking of quarterbacks, the Ravens received a strong night from Tyler Huntley, who completed all but two of his 18 pass attempts that included his game-winning touchdown pass to Shemar Bridges

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