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The Lakers Blew It At The NBA Trade Deadline



(Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)


The Los Angeles Lakers are not making any of this easy on their fans.

This year has been particularly hard for those rooting for LA because it’s only gone from bad to worse.


After months of hoping, it’s become very obvious that this year’s Lakers will likely never be very good.

The Russell Westbrook experiment isn’t working, the offense and defense are now tanking, the majority of the team is terribly inconsistent.

In fact, the only consistent bright spot for the team seems to be LeBron James, who is battling Father Time and somehow winning.

With all of these issues, many people expected the Lakers to do so something before the NBA trade deadline but they didn’t.

Instead, they sat still and that has left many shaking their heads.


Riding With Russ

The biggest question for LA before the trade deadline was this: what was Westbrook’s future?

Because of his hot-and-cold output this year, there were many calling for him to be traded to another team.

Yet, his massive contract and spotty performance made any sort of trade all but impossible.


The most plausible package would have seen Westbrook sent to the Houston Rockets for John Wall, a player who isn’t much better.

In the end, the Lakers decided against that because the Rockets’ asking price was too high.

That means that Westbrook is here to stay in LA – at least for the time being.

That’s a tough pill to swallow for many LA fans who see Westbrook as the main problem with the team.

However, it must be noted that Westbrook isn’t the sole reason LA is lacking.


In fact, he didn’t play at all during the Lakers’ surprising and humiliating defeat to a decimated Portland Trail Blazers team.

The problems with LA are so varied and so extensive that everyone deserves some of the blame.



The Young Talent Remains

There were very few other options at the trade deadline for LA.

One of them was sending away Talen Horton-Tucker, one of the promising young players who has been a rumored trade chip for a while.

However, LA didn’t do anything with THT either.

A year ago, Los Angeles fans would have freaked out if Horton-Tucker was traded.

He used to be one of the star players of the team and showed infinite potential.


Yet, he’s been lacking this year and his stats have plummeted.

So, the LA faithful wouldn’t have batted an eye if the front office traded him.

But that didn’t happen, officially confirming that LA wasn’t going to make a single move at the trade deadline.

They didn’t have my choices and the Los Angeles fanbase knew that but they expected to see some sort of movement, no matter how minor.

In the eyes of many Lakers followers, this trade deadline ended up being as disappointing as the rest of the season.


Many are now making peace with the fact that the Lakers aren’t getting better any time soon.

Because of massive contracts and few options, the Lakers are stuck…and the fans are stuck right along with them.

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Steven Kwan Shares His Thoughts On Trash Talk



(Photo by Lauren Leigh Bacho/Getty Images)


As sports evolve and change, one thing that because increasingly common is what is often referred to as “trash talk.”

It requires no introduction, nor an explanation.


It’s simply good-natured fun when two teams are playing each other and trying to get under each other’s skin.

Baseball hasn’t been like this very often, but as the game changes, it becomes more commonplace.

Some believe that baseball is a game of respect and trash talk should not be a part of it, while others wish there could be more of it.

On Thursday, Cleveland Guardians star and Rookie of the Year finalist Steven Kwan appeared on the podcast “Foul Territory,” and shared his thoughts on trash talk in baseball.

Kwan stated that he believes trash talk is good for the game.

The Gold Glove outfielder noted that it’s more common in the NFL and NBA than it is in baseball.

He says that the reason it isn’t common in baseball is because players were taught that it was a “gentleman’s game.”

However, Kwan doesn’t believe that there is any ill will behind it.

In his mind, it’s just another layer of gamesmanship and adds a little extra fun to the sport.


Kwan also commented that there isn’t really a good argument for why trash talk doesn’t take place in baseball and believes that there should be more of it as the game evolves and changes.

The game is certainly changing, and the notion that baseball shouldn’t include trash talk is quickly being proven wrong.

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MLB Insider Points Out A Troubling Fact About Mets, Padres



(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)


Over the winter, the New York Mets and San Diego Padres were among the busiest teams in terms of free agency.

New York had lost Jacob deGrom to the Texas Rangers but filled their rotation by signing Justin Verlander, Kodai Senga, and Jose Quintana.


They also brought back Brandon Nimmo.

The Padres on the other hand signed Xander Bogaerts, Matt Carpenter, Nelson Cruz, and Michael Wacha.

Both teams were expected to be powerhouses in the National League this season.

However, they are both under the .500 mark.

On Twitter, MLB insider Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY pointed out a troubling fact, that the Mets and Padres committed a total of $800 million thanks to their signings and went over the luxury tax threshold, and that now, both teams are at risk of missing the postseason.


This is yet another poignant reminder that just because a team may “win the offseason” with some big signings doesn’t mean that a successful season is guaranteed.

Of course, it’s not to say that teams shouldn’t spend money to improve their rosters.

However, it serves as a grim reminder that a busy offseason doesn’t guarantee success during the regular season, or even the postseason should the Mets and Padres end up qualifying.

New York was recently swept by the Atlanta Braves.


They are now 30-33 and sit 8.5 games out of first place.

The Padres own a record of 29-33 and sit eight games out of first.

Both are close in the Wild Card race, but this season has not been kind to either team.

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QMJHL steps up punishment for players who instigate fights, frequent offenders



A player in the QMJHL who fights will be issued a game misconduct and suspended for a game for each subsequent fight, commissioner Mario Cecchini announced on Friday.

The announcement comes after the league’s member assembly “endorsed a ban on fighting,” in March.

Officially, the QMJHL approved the:


1. Addition of a game misconduct penalty for any player involved in a fight;
2. Addition of an automatic one-game suspension for any player declared the instigator of a fight;
3. Addition of a minimum two-game automatic suspension for any player identified as the aggressor;
4. In addition to the game misconduct, an automatic one-game suspension will be imposed once a player has reached his second fight, rather than his third.

“We are taking a tremendous stride towards player safety,” Cecchini said in a press conference Friday, ahead of the league’s draft.

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