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Is Postmates Worth It? (10 Reasons It Is)




Just before the release and rise of smartphones, Postmates was looking to change the world.


It struggled in its infancy since its format didn’t work well for desktops.

However, after the surge in smartphone use and the release of apps, Postmates finally found its ideal platform.

You can have almost anything delivered to your home through Postmates, provided there’s a business nearby connected to the service.

Since Postmates is similar to other delivery services, you may wonder if using it is worth it.

Postmates runs a bit more expensive than other delivery apps, so it’s worth understanding if you’re getting your money’s worth.


Here are 10 reasons Postmates is worth using.


Is Postmates Worth It? (10 Reasons It Is)


1. $0 Delivery Fee With Postmates Unlimited

delivery service available through Postmates


One reason some people prefer using other delivery services is the higher expense with Postmates.


Their delivery driver fees tend to range from $3.99 to $5.99.

They also charge a 9% service fee on every order.

The good news is that you can save a lot of money if you order a lot through Postmates by signing up for their Postmates Unlimited program.

This program is subscription-based.

You pay $9.99 a month and receive your deliveries for free as long as your order is over $12.


You even get 5% off the service fee when your order is over $12 for food and $30 for groceries.

Postmates Unlimited is ideal for people who use the service often.

Even if you only use Postmates twice a month, if your delivery charge is $5.99 each time, then you would have saved money through Postmates Unlimited.

If you want to get the most out of your delivery service, then signing up for its subscription service is worth it.



2. Promotions

Postmates application and logo on a cell phone


Postmates is aware that it’s on the pricier end of the delivery programs out there.

It tries to offset its high charges with regular promotions.

Whether it’s a first-time bonus or just a regular monthly promotion, you can find ways to save with Postmates.

One way to do this is to wait to use the service until they’re running a promotion.


Another great thing about their promotions is that they sometimes offer Postmates Unlimited for free for a limited time.

That’s the best time to use Postmates.

You can get a taste of the benefits of Postmates Unlimited without having to pay for the service.

Not every delivery service runs sales or discounts on their services.

Postmates does try and make its service that much more affordable for its customers.


Postmates is worth it because it gives you plenty of opportunities to save money on its service.


3. Party Option Saves You Money

Postmates Food Delivery App on phone screen


Postmates has a unique feature that can score you free deliveries.

When you’re choosing whether you want to have your food delivered or to pick it up yourself, you’ll see another option that says, “Party.”


This feature shows you the most popular businesses in your area.

These are restaurants or other businesses that are seeing a lot of work at that moment.

It means there are Postmates drivers already heading there.

If you choose to order from one of those businesses, then you can get free delivery.

The incentive is to help save time and money for their delivery drivers.


Since they’re already there, they can pick up your order as well.

It doesn’t cost them any extra gas or mileage to drive back since they were able to pick up your order alongside their original order.

With that in mind, you only have a limited amount of time to place your order through the Party option.

This is because the driver can’t be hanging out by the restaurant all day.

They need to go deliver their order.


Once the time is up, the opportunity is over.

You can wait in the hopes that someone else will order at the business or just order per usual and pay the delivery fee.

With the Party option, you still have to pay the service fee, but you can save some dollars off your total bill.

Postmates is worth it because you can use their Party feature to save money on delivery charges.



4. Pharmacy Delivery

pharmacy delivery


Perhaps one of the areas where Postmates shines is in its ability to deliver from pharmacies.

While there are certain restrictions on what their drivers can and cannot pick up, in most cases, you can have your drivers pick up medications and other items from the local pharmacy.

This is a service that not many other delivery programs provide.

They tend to stick to restaurants and grocery stores instead.


Postmates’s eventual goal is to be able to deliver practically anything to your door.

Delivering from a pharmacy is just another step towards that goal.

There are a lot of benefits of having your pharmacy purchases delivered to your home.

If you’re elderly or have mobility struggles, then the service can be of great use.

You don’t have to worry about driving or finding transportation to take you to the pharmacy.


Someone can pick up what you need and deliver it to your home relatively quickly.

It’s also ideal for quick purchase needs.

If you suddenly find that you need some band-aids or rubbing alcohol, then you can order it through the app and have someone deliver it to you.

You’re able to relax at home or perform other activities while someone else takes care of picking up your order and bringing it back to your home.

Finally, this service is ideal during wintertime when some people aren’t able to leave their homes as easily.


If you need to get your medication but you can’t leave home because of an icy driveway or roads, then you can rely on Postmates to help you.

You don’t have to worry about missing your medications or other pharmacy purchases thanks to the service.

Postmates is worth it because they offer pharmacy deliveries.


5. Beer And Alcohol Deliveries

Postmates delivery bicycle



Another area where Postmates outshines the competition is its ability to do beer and alcohol deliveries.

Whether you want to buy alcohol at the grocery store or shop at an actual liquor store, Postmates has the service for you.

As long as a liquor store is a part of the service, you can order from them.

Not many delivery services offer beer and alcohol deliveries because some of the drivers are as young as 18.

Other companies don’t want to deal with the legal paperwork or possible consequences.


Postmates is aware of its customer’s needs which is why it’s done the hard work of ensuring everyone’s safety when beer delivery happens.

There are quite a few benefits of having someone else deliver your alcohol to your door.

The obvious reason is that it saves you time.

If you’re throwing a party, for example, then you can prepare the house and get the food ready while someone else obtains the alcohol you’re serving.

It’s also safer for you since you don’t have to worry about driving with alcohol in the car.


Once it arrives at your home, you’re in a safe place to drink it.

In a way, it’s almost like having your own bar on call.

Whenever you fancy a particular drink, you can have Postmates pick up your order at your local liquor store and deliver it to you.

Postmates is worth it because they’re one of the few services that actually offer beer and alcohol deliveries.



6. 24/7 Service

Postmates logo is displayed on a smartphone


A lot of delivery programs have a time limit on them.

They tend to stop deliveries after 11 PM.

That isn’t ideal for people who work late shifts and need food or those who have late-night cravings.

It also doesn’t help businesses that are open 24/7.


Postmates doesn’t have a specific timeframe in which their deliveries are accessible.

You’re able to order through their app no matter what time it is.

Keep in mind that this is dependent on the schedules of your local drivers.

Not everyone wants to work the graveyard shift.

As such, if you have a small pool of drivers in your area, then the chances are you might not find someone willing to pick up your food at three in the morning.


If you live in a busier area with more drivers, then the chances are higher that you’ll have a night owl driver who is ready to work.

Being able to order food 24/7 is ideal for people because it helps ensure that they’re always able to get what they need when they need it.

By removing the timeframe in which you can place your orders, Postmates offers its customers excellent service.

Postmates is worth it because you’re able to order through them no matter what day or time it is.



7. Ease Of Use

Smartphone with mobile application Postmates - Food Delivery


The problem with some apps—delivery apps, in particular—is that they aren’t always user-friendly.

There are so many options and buttons to click that it can be difficult to navigate.

Postmates makes its app easy to use.

Signing up for the app is even easier.


When it comes to ordering through the app, it gives you two simple options.

You can first decide whether you want to pick up the order or have it delivered.

After that, you can then look at the available businesses offering delivery services in your area.

This is also where the Party feature comes into play if you want to save money on delivery fees.

You can scroll through the different businesses and click on one to order from.


If you already have a business in mind, then you can simply type its name in the search bar.

Postmates will bring it up, and you’re able to order through it that way.

You then receive a series of simple prompts that guide you through the delivery service.

Once you’re done ordering, you’ll have some information at your fingertips that will inform you about your order total and the estimated time it will take for your delivery to arrive.

It also gives you the option to tip your delivery driver through the app if you don’t have any cash on hand.


The ease of using an app can turn a lot of people away if it’s more complicated than it needs to be.

As such, Postmates is worth it because they make their app easy to navigate and use.


8. Quick Delivery

Woman receiving parcel from delivery man


Another reason Postmates is worth it is that you get relatively quick delivery.


Postmates urges its drivers to arrive at your location in less than an hour.

That includes the time it takes to drive to the business, wait for your order to finish, then deliver it to you.

That ensures that if you’re ordering food, then it’s going to arrive fresh and hot.

Even if you’re not ordering food, having a quick delivery is a great benefit.

One of the main benefits of quick delivery is that you don’t have to waste time waiting for it to arrive.


If you have plans for the day, then those plans can be disrupted if the delivery driver is taking their time to get to you.

You end up becoming reliant or dependent on them.

That isn’t the case with Postmates.

Since they’re urged to arrive at your location quickly, you can get your items fast and then go on with your day.

Postmates is worth it because its fast deliveries free up more of your day.



9. Tracking

Closeup hand of woman using smartphone


One of the best benefits of using Postmates is that you’re able to track your driver.

Every driver who works for Postmates has to allow GPS tracking on their device.

That even extends to those who use their bikes for deliveries.


Tracking is a great feature that the service provides because it helps you stay aware and prepared for the driver.

Knowing how far away they are can ensure that you have everything you need to accept the delivery from them.

It also gives you a sense of security, especially if you’re ordering something expensive or important like medication.

Being able to see where your driver is going can give you peace of mind.

It also makes the experience easier.


If you see that the driver is veering off somewhere or stopping somewhere, then you know it’s likely because they’re dropping off someone else’s order before arriving at your address.

Having this information in mind can help explain why they might be a few minutes later than expected.

The knowledge you receive by being able to track your driver and delivery is what makes Postmates worth it.


10. Larger Variety Of Restaurants

door sticker advertising delivery service available by Postmates



A lot of people tend to use Postmates to order food.

The benefit of using Postmates over other delivery services is that there’s a wider selection of restaurants available.

For example, some big-time restaurants like 7-11 and Burger King don’t offer their services to everyone.

Postmates has them available.

They also partner with local restaurants in your area besides big-name chain restaurants.


Thanks to its wider selection, you’re sure to find the exact type of food that you want to eat.

In addition, some of the local restaurants also offer free food or free delivery on occasion.

They use these promotions to try out new menu items or to help clear out their inventory.

Thanks to the sheer variety of restaurants, Postmates is worth it since you never run out of options for food.



Is Postmates Worth It For Drivers?

Postmates Inc company logo


While Postmates is certainly worth the extra money for customers, if you’re thinking of working for Postmates, then you might also wonder if it’s worth it.

Here are a few reasons Postmates is worth it for drivers.


1. More Pay For Longer Distances

Postmates pays its drivers for a number of aspects.


One of those is by-the-mile pay.

For example, if a customer orders food from a restaurant far from you, then Postmates will pay you more for that than they will for an order that’s close by.

That’s because the company knows it’s going to cost you more fuel to drive further.

They want to make the extended journey worth your time.

This also acts as an incentive for drivers to travel a bit further in order to complete orders for customers.


Postmates is worth it for drivers because they pay you more for longer travel.


2. 100% Tips

While you receive payment from every Postmates delivery that you make, you can also earn tips.

The tips that you earn are 100% yours.

You don’t have to share them with Postmates.


If you end up providing great service and work for ideal customers, you can easily earn a good amount of money.

Postmates is worth it because drivers can keep 100% of their tips.


3. Don’t Need A Car

While some delivery services require their delivery workers to have a car, that isn’t the case at Postmates.

You can have a scooter or even a bike and still work at Postmates.


As long as you’re able to get the food to the customer in time, then they don’t care what you’re using to get there.

This means that those in the city have a better ability to work as a driver.

Those who don’t own cars but do own a scooter or bike can find an easy way to make additional money.

Postmates is worth it for delivery workers because it allows them to work even if they don’t have a car.




Postmates is a slightly more expensive delivery app that’s similar to Grub Hub and Uber Eats.

However, they expanded their business to allow deliveries from pharmacies, grocery stores, and liquor stores.

Through their various promotions, it’s possible to save money on Postmates.

For drivers, the company also offers incentives to make extra money easy.

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