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How Much Are Cats At PetSmart? (Explained)




There are millions of stray cats in the world, and most of them will never find homes.


Many end up in shelters and rescues, but these places cannot save them all and often struggle to find new homes.

PetSmart has partnered with many shelters and rescues across the United States to feature their available pets in their stores.

By doing this, PetSmart saves thousands of pets every year.


How Much Are Cats At PetSmart?

Two cats



PetSmart does not sell cats, but they do offer them for adoption.

The cost to adopt a cat from PetSmart can range from $70 to $120.

The cost depends on the rescue or shelter where the cat is kept and any fees PetSmart includes for making the cat available.

PetSmart agreed to partner with many shelters to feature cats that are available for adoption.

The decision to stop selling cats allows them to save more than 1,500 cats each day.


PetSmart does require an adoption fee for any pets that are adopted from its stores or through the online adoption website.

Older cat adoptions fees are typically lower than for younger cats and kittens.

Kittens tend to be priced higher than older cats.


Does PetSmart Sell Kittens?

PetSmart does not sell kittens, but they are available for adoption from time to time.


PetSmart offers pets from local shelters for adoption, and while most of their cats are adults, they may also have kittens.

Kittens are easier to find homes for than adult cats, so their adoption fees are often slightly higher.


Why Doesn’t PetSmart Sell Cats Or Kittens?

PetSmart stopped selling cats as a way to prevent overpopulation.

Instead of buying cats from breeders with the purpose of reselling, PetSmart found it was better to partner with rescues and shelters to offer cats and kittens for adoption.


This makes it easy for those looking for a cat to find them and helps provide these animals with forever homes.

It also helps clear out the rescues to make room for other pets that need a place to go until they can be adopted by new owners.


 Adopting Cats From PetSmart 

Kitten with his paw raised


More than 1,600 PetSmart stores have adoptable cats or kittens.


They have spaces in the stores where the cats are kept and cared for.

People who are interested in adopting cats can stop by a store and meet the different ones available.

PetSmart allows potential families to pet the cats, play with them, and learn more about them.

PetSmart provides information about the cats’ pasts so families can decide which cat or cats are the best fit for them.



Is Adopting A Cat Better Than Buying One?

Adopting is considered the better option because it makes it possible for cats that are already in shelter and rescues to find homes.

Buying a cat from a breeder only encourages the breeder to breed more kittens and further contributes to overpopulation.


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Adopting A Cat From PetSmart?

petsmart store


If you are planning to bring a cat into your family, it may be a good idea to adopt.


Adopting a cat from PetSmart has its pros and cons.

It’s a good idea to understand both before you decide if adopting a cat is right for your family.

Here are some of them.



holding cat



1. Help Homeless Animals

There are millions of cats on the streets that don’t have enough food to eat or a place to live.

They continue to reproduce and bring more animals into the world that won’t know love and will put a bigger strain on the environment.

Adopting instead of buying from breeders will allow you to play a role in reducing feral cat populations and could help save thousands of lives.


2. Make Room For Other Animals In The Shelters

There are many shelters and rescues for stray cats, but most of them are full and have to euthanize cats to make room for others that are in need of homes.


These shelters strive to help every animal that they take in, but they are simply overwhelmed by the numbers.

When you adopt a cat from PetSmart, you are taking that cat out of a shelter and making room for another one.


3. More Affordable

When it comes to buying a cat, you may find that a breeder will want several hundred dollars or more, depending on the breed.

Adopting a cat is much more affordable.


In some cases, shelters and rescues receive donations to sponsor adoption fees, and you may not have to pay very much at all.


4. Rescued Cats Are Spayed Or Neutered

When you buy a cat or kitten from a breeder, it will come intact.

That means it hasn’t been spayed or neutered.

If you want to prevent your cat from reproducing, you will need to pay for the cost of spaying or neutering.


Many rescues and shelters spay and neuter cats as soon as they arrive or before they are adopted to their new homes.

This means less cost for you and less time away from your new pet.


5. Proper Medical Care Has Been Provided

When you adopt a cat or kitten from PetSmart, you know that it is coming from a shelter or rescue that has provided amazing care.

Cats that are up for adoption at PetSmart have been medically cared for and received vaccinations and boosters.


You will be taking home a cat that has been checked out by a veterinarian and is healthy.


6. Well Socialized

Because the cats at PetSmart are kept around other animals and people, they are usually well-socialized.

People who come into the stores talk to the cats, interact with them, and may even get them out of their enclosures to hold and play with them.

This means your cat will be used to people and won’t be as shy when you bring it home to your family.




The frightened tabby cat shrank at the window


1. Bad Habits

When you adopt a cat from a shelter or rescue, you may be adopting a cat that has already lived with other people in the past or may have been wild and on the streets.

The cat may have developed bad habits during this time that you will need to break.

It can sometimes be harder to break old habits than teach proper behaviors.



2. Not Many Kittens

If you are hoping to adopt a kitten, it may be hard to find one from PetSmart or a shelter or rescue.

Most of the cats that are in shelters and rescues that partner with them are older cats.

Some cats may give birth to kittens while in the shelter, but it may be some time before a kitten is available for adoption.



3. No Health Records

While shelters and rescues strive to keep their pets healthy before they adopt them out, they really have no way of knowing what health problems the cats have had in the past.

Cats that are surrendered by their owners may come with some records and a history, but most cats will come to the shelter as strays.

You may adopt a cat that seems healthy at first but may later develop health problems.


Does PetSmart Have Purebred Cats For Adoption?

petsmart sign



PetSmart does have purebred cats available for adoption at times.

If you are looking for a purebred cat, you can talk with a staff member in the store and give them your information.

The store may be able to contact the shelters and rescues they partner with to see if any purebred cats are available.

Many rescues take in purebred cats and are happy to adopt them out to owners who want them.



How Do I Adopt A Cat From PetSmart Online?

usinesswoman working at home office using laptop


Adopting a cat from PetSmart is a fairly simple process.

You can do most of it online.

Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Visit the PetSmart adoption website.


Step 2: Complete the online form with your information as well as information about the type of cat you want to adopt. You will be asked to enter the desired breed, sex, age, and size. You will also need to choose the distance you are willing to travel to pick up your cat.

Step 3: Enter your zip code and browse through the results of available cats near you. Every adoptable cat has a profile with its photos, information about it, and the shelter or rescue where the cat is located.

Step 4: Contact the shelter and complete an application to adopt the cat of your choice.

Step 5: Visit the shelter to pick up your cat. You will be able to spend some time bonding with your cat before you take it home. You may need to complete other forms and documents to make the adoption official.



How Do I Adopt A Cat From A PetSmart Store?

Beautiful grey cat


If you prefer to meet the cat in person before you adopt it, or if you happen to find a cat in a PetSmart store, you can adopt it by following these steps.

Step 1: Visit the PetSmart store where you want to adopt the cat and see if it is still available.

Step 2: Let a staff member know you would like to adopt the cat.

Step 3: Fill out an adoption application.


Step 4: Take home your cat and let it adjust to its new home. Keep in mind that once you adopt a cat from a PetSmart store, you can’t return it.


Where Does PetSmart Get Their Cats?

petsmart at night


PetSmart partners with hundreds of different rescues and shelters to find homes for orphaned and rescued cats.

The cats available for adoption through PetSmart come from these shelters.


If you want to know which rescue or shelter a specific cat is from, you can ask a staff member to check the cat’s records.

Even though PetSmart offers the cats for adoption, all records and information about the cat will be at the rescue or shelter.


Are Cats At PetSmart Vaccinated Before They Are Sold?

Attentive veterinarian holding syringe near tabby scottich


PetSmart works with rescues and shelters that have cats available for adoption.


Most shelters and rescues do ensure that all cats and kittens are vaccinated before they are adopted.

If you are curious about a cat’s health record before you adopt it, talk to a staff member at PetSmart.

They may have information about a cat’s vaccination status or may be able to contact the rescue where the cat came from and get that information from them.

Keep in mind that PetSmart also offers vaccination clinics if your cat is not yet vaccinated.

You can schedule a vaccination or health check before you take your cat home or soon after adoption.



Are Cats At PetSmart Spayed Or Neutered Before They Are Sold?

a ginger tabby cat is lying on a sofa at home


Some cats that are available for adoption at PetSmart are spayed or neutered, but some are not.

Many shelters and rescues that partner with PetSmart make it a point to spay and neuter cats as soon as they arrive at the shelter.

Others offer discounted adoption rates if you agree to have your cat spayed or neutered when you adopt.


Some rescues that partner with PetSmart also partner with local vets to offer spay and neuter procedures at a reduced cost.

You can also ask a PetSmart staff member about spaying or neutering your pet before you decide if adoption is right for you.


What Is PetSmart’s National Adoption Weekend?

Petsmart inc


Several weekends a year, PetSmart hosts National Adoption Weekend.


For this event, stores across the country bring in thousands of pets and feature them in their stores.

They make pets available for adoption and allow customers to hold and meet these pets.

These events bring people and animals together.

They don’t only raise awareness of the number of pets in the country that need homes, but they also allow customers to adopt their new pets right from the store.

These events occur at different times of the year, so if you are interested in attending one, contact your nearest PetSmart store to learn when they will be hosting their next adoption event.



Why Do Rescues Partner With PetSmart?

Petsmart on phone


Rescues and shelters all across the country partner with PetSmart as a way to raise awareness of the number of pets in rescues and in need of adoption.

When a cat is adopted through PetSmart, PetSmart also donates money to the rescue or shelter where the cat was collected.

This helps raise money for the shelters and makes it possible for them to save more animals and help them get adopted, too.


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