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Does Lowe’s Deliver? (Updated 2022)




As one of the leading stores in the home improvement industry, Lowe’s has changed in a few ways to better suit the needs of its customers.


Originally, Lowe’s didn’t offer services like delivery and haul away programs.

Homeowners had to drive to the store and fit an appliance in their car or rent a small trailer to haul it.

That said, you may wonder if Lowe’s offers delivery services like the other department stores.

Here’s what you need to know about Lowe’s and its delivery options.



Does Lowe’s Deliver?

Lowe's Home Improvment Warehouse Exterior


Yes, Lowe’s does deliver.

Lowe’s offers a few different delivery options based on whether you’re a member of Lowe’s or not.

Most customers have two delivery options.

Standard parcel shipping covers tools and other small items.


This type of delivery arrives at your home in four to five business days.

You can also receive free shipping on these orders if they amount to more than $45.

Another type of delivery method available to non-member Lowe’s customers is bulky shipping.

Lowe’s calls it the Large and Bulky Shipping service.

This includes items larger than 162 inches or that weigh more than 150 pounds.


Most large appliances and tools fit into this category.

With this type of service, you can also expect it between one and four business days.

Free shipping does not apply to this type of delivery except for specific items.


How Long Does Processing Time Take For Lowe’s Delivery Orders?

Lowe's website homepage



Since Lowe’s offers delivery, you may wonder how long their processing time takes.

The length of time can determine when you can expect the delivery.

Lowe’s states that orders submitted after 2 PM will start processing and head out for delivery the next day.

This doesn’t mean that you can expect the delivery the next day.

Rather, the shipping process starts the next day.


The actual delivery date depends on how far away you are from a Lowe’s warehouse.

Orders submitted before 2 PM start processing immediately.

They’re usually able to get it out on a truck on the same day.

This means that your order may arrive one day earlier than if you had ordered after 2 PM.

While most of the products that you order from Lowe’s come from one of their warehouses, they do sometimes have third-party items for sale.


In this instance, they don’t have control over the processing and shipping time.

That relies on the third party and how fast they do their processing and shipping.

As such, if you order an item outside of Lowe’s branded items, then the processing and shipping time will vary.


How Do You Receive Free Shipping At Lowe’s?

boy holding a box with " free shipping " note



If you’re someone who shops regularly at Lowe’s or you’re looking for a way to save money, then you may wonder how you can qualify for Lowe’s free shipping.

There are a few qualifications that you have to meet to receive free shipping.

The first is that the order has to exceed $45.

Keep in mind that this is before any taxes, shipping costs, or other miscellaneous charges add to the total.

Lowe’s also removes your free shipping if you end up canceling part of your order which brings your total amount below $45.


The item also has to weigh less than 150 pounds.

This does not apply to the total weight of multiple items.

It only applies to any single item that weighs more than 150 pounds.

If you have a PO Box, then the weight limit for free shipping is 70 pounds.

If the item weighs more than 70 pounds and you have a PO Box address, then you will not receive free shipping.


The item also has to fit standard cube dimensions.

If it’s an extraordinarily long or wide item, for example, then it does not qualify for free shipping.

You can also only receive free shipping if the order is going to a single address.

If you’re shipping the items to multiple addresses, then you will not receive free shipping.

Finally, Lowe’s does not offer free shipping on Special Order items.


In some cases, you can also sometimes find specific items available for free shipping on their own.


How Are The Shipping Rates At Lowe’s Calculated?

Lowe's Home Improvment Warehouse Exterior.


If you want an item delivered to your home, then you may wonder how much it’s going to cost you.

Lowe’s calculates its shipping rates the same as other companies.


It takes the weight and size of the package into consideration.

It also determines the type of shipping service that you choose.

For example, if you choose standard shipping, then you’ll have the lowest charge added to your rate.

If you choose expedited shipping, then you’ll receive a higher charge since you’re leaping to the front of the line to receive your order faster.

Heavier and bigger items cost more because it forces Lowe’s to carry less on the truck.


That means they’re unable to make more money per truck.

It also costs more to ship larger and heavier items.

The warehouse uses more materials to make packaging for the larger items.

The truck uses more fuel because the load is heavier and drags more on the road.

More time is also spent hauling the heavier and larger item to the recipient’s address.


All these things add up, which costs Lowe’s money.

To make up for that loss of money, they have to charge a higher rate on larger and heavier items.


How Does Lowe’s Deliver Multiple Items?

Delivery man with box


If you order multiple items from Lowe’s, then you may wonder how they handle your multiple packages.


Depending on what you’re ordering, the Lowe’s closest to you might not have it in stock or even have it available.

As a result, multiple Lowe’s warehouses around the area will work together to complete your order.

Since they’re coming from different locations, you may not receive all your packages at once.

You may also notice that each one has a separate shipping charge.

This does not mean that you’ve paid more to have the packages arrive from different locations.


Your shipping cost is the same as if you were to order multiple packages from the same store.

You might also find on your bank statement that you have multiple small charges for shipping fees from Lowe’s.

This doesn’t mean that you’re paying more.

The shipping fee that you originally saw when you checked out of the store is split between all locations that handle your various packages.

It will never exceed the original shipping charge that you saw originally.



Does Lowe’s Restrict Delivery To Certain Locations?

thinking husband and wife


Not all warehouse departments deliver to every US address.

The good news is that Lowe’s does.

Lowe’s can deliver to all US addresses.


It also includes delivery in the following areas:

  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Puerto Rico
  • Guam
  • American Samoa
  • Palau
  • US Virgin Islands

While Lowe’s might restrict delivery to certain items, by and large, if you order from them, you can expect them to deliver to your home.


Does Lowe’s Offer Truck Delivery?

A Lowe's branded truck


For home renovators or construction workers, standard delivery service isn’t enough.

You need a large number of materials to complete your projects.


Lowe’s is ready to help with its truck delivery service.

When you order a large number of lumber or sheetrock items, then you need special service.

You can have it delivered to your home or job site by choosing the truck delivery option when you’re checking out of the store.

You can enter a new address for them to deliver to or use a saved address.

If you have any special delivery instructions, then there’s also a space for you to give instructions.


These instructions might be the code the delivery driver needs to access an area or where to place the delivery on your job site.

You’ll also notice an area where you can select the date and time of your delivery.

It’s under the Delivery Details area.

In this area, you can set a specific time and date to ensure you’re there for the delivery.

Since you have to sign for your delivery as a non-Lowe’s member, you need to ensure that the date works for you.


Lowe’s makes it easy to receive your bulk items with their truck delivery service.


Can You Reschedule A Truck Delivery At Lowe’s?

thinking man


Plans change and you may suddenly find that the original date you had for your truck delivery no longer works.

If you’re not a member at Lowe’s, then you can’t change the delivery time.


You can cancel your order, but you’ll have to go through the process again later.

One way that you can reschedule a truck delivery is to become a Lowe’s Pro member.

Besides receiving a bunch of other benefits, you can also reschedule a truck delivery.

To reschedule a delivery, you need to sign in to your Lowe’s account and look at the Order Details page.

You’ll see an option to reschedule your delivery there.


You can also call the Lowe’s Pro Member helpline to have them reschedule your delivery for you.

Unlike non-Lowe’s members, if you’re a Pro member, then you do not need to sign for your delivery.

The site gives you an option to sign up for unsigned deliveries.

This can make the process easier since everyone can work on the task at hand rather than being on the lookout for a delivery truck.



Are There Special Delivery Charges For Truck Delivery At Lowe’s?

delivery man driving van


Depending on the item that you’re buying, you may face a special delivery charge.

Sheetrock delivery, for example, includes a labor charge.

Because it’s cumbersome, it requires more effort on the part of the delivery drivers.

To accommodate them, the delivery order includes a charge of $2 per sheet.


Lowe’s also provides a Drywall Boom and Scatter program that allows the delivery worker to bring the sheets to the roof and other job sites.

Outside of this program, the delivery worker can only place the sheets in a secure and safe area.

Another extra delivery charge you might face is for shingle delivery.

If you have roof shingles delivered to a specific place in your home, then you’ll receive a charge of $1 per bundle.

A specific place includes your garage or second floor.


Again, this accommodates the extra work and time the worker has to put in to handle your order.

The worker cannot bring the shingles to the roof.

Rather, they can place them in a safe and secure area on the ground.

This extra charge does not occur if you’re only having the worker deliver the shingles to a general area at the job site.



Does Lowe’s Deliver Appliances?

Closeup of New Washing Machine


One of the main reasons that people want delivery from Lowe’s is appliances.

Some homeowners simply don’t have the space in their cars to bring home a large appliance.

Luckily, Lowe’s offers delivery services for most appliances.

Some of the appliances they can deliver include:

  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Electric ranges
  • Gas ranges
  • Electric dryers
  • Gas dryers
  • Washers

The service includes standard delivery for non-Pro members.

This means that the delivery driver will wheel the new appliance into your home.

They may install certain appliances free of charge, but other appliances will require an installation fee.

Appliances that are free to install are only available for those who also purchased new connections through Lowe’s.

This includes connections like new dryer vents, hoses, and cords.

If you bought those connections with your appliance, then the delivery driver may be able to connect the new appliance free of charge.


More complex installations like gas dryers or gas ranges will include an installation fee.

Once the appliance is in place, the delivery worker will check it for damage.

They’ll then perform a basic test of the appliance to ensure it’s working properly.

Finally, they’ll move the old appliance somewhere else on the residence.

This usually means they’ll put it in another room.


You can sometimes convince them to wheel it outside for you.


What Restrictions Does Lowe’s Appliance Delivery Have?

Lowe's store in San Jose, CA


Although Lowe’s handles most appliances, there are a few restrictions for its free local appliance delivery service.

Lowe’s will not deliver the following appliances without an installation fee:

  • Over-the-range microwaves
  • Drop-in ranges
  • Wall ovens
  • Dishwashers
  • Surface units
  • Cooktops
  • Gas dryers
  • Air conditioners
  • Water heaters
  • Built-in refrigerators

They also cannot connect new appliances through floors or old ductwork.

The delivery worker cannot shut off your main water valve.

You’ll have to do that yourself.

They also can’t connect an appliance unless the shut-off valve is functional and located on the same floor as the appliance.

One major question that many customers have is whether Lowe’s will haul away their old appliances or not.

Their standard free appliance delivery service does not include recycling or hauling away old appliances.


That service is only available to Pro members.

If you’re a Pro member, then the delivery driver will take your old appliance with them.

It’s also a good idea to check their delivery website for appliances to ensure you have the connections for them to install the new appliance for you.

For example, if you want a new washer installed, then Lowe’s requires you to buy a new hose for connection.

If you want a new electric dryer installed, then Lowe’s requires you to buy a new cord and dryer duct.


Although Lowe’s does offer appliance delivery, there are installation fees and requirements that you need to meet (and pay for) to receive the bulk of their services.

It also pays to be a Lowe’s Pro member if you want them to haul your old appliances away.



Lowe’s does offer several different delivery options.

You can receive standard shipping and shipping for large and bulky items through them.


They also provide delivery for building materials that you can schedule.

Finally, they can handle appliance deliveries and may even install the item for you provided you pay an extra fee and have purchased new connections for them.

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Lionel Messi's top 10 goals of all time | FOX Soccer



Check out Lionel Messi’s top 10 goals of all time which feature his time back with FC Barcelona and his international career with Argentina.

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Draymond Green Says Players Are Protecting Their Shooting Percentage In The Playoffs



(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)


Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green remains a relevant name around the NBA with his analysis of the game.

Green is one of the most respected voices among players when it comes to breaking down the game.


The four-time NBA champion has been analyzing the playoffs and recently pointed out something he doesn’t like that he is seeing.

Green took offense to the players who hold the ball when the clock is running out of time during the playoffs.

He explained that Stephen Curry is somebody that doesn’t hesitate to take these big shots, no matter how far he is from the rim.


Green admits that it’s easy for Curry to do this since he’s the best shooter of all time.

Then again, he recalled two long shots from Jordan Poole at the buzzer that played a big role in the Warriors’ championship.

Being Stephen Curry, it’s easy for you to take shots from anywhere, but Curry urging his teammates to attempt these shots has also helped his team.

The Nuggets and Heat have taken these shots during the three games of the series, but Green doesn’t like how shy some players have been throughout the playoffs.

If they aspire to win the championship, they need to go further, take more risks, and hope they end up helping the team.


Both teams have good shooters that can make long-range shots with ease.

Making a buzzer-beater won’t make them champions at all, but it can certainly give them a boost to beat their rivals, as Green explains.

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Opportunity Analysis: How Matthew Tkachuk kept the Panthers alive in Game 3 win



If I were to play armchair psychologist – a dangerous thing when doing hockey analysis – I’d say the time off between rounds three and four didn’t help the Florida Panthers. Partially because it killed their momentum, but also because it gave them time to read their news clippings and believe their own hype.

How had they made it as far as this? Well, if you read a lot of pro-Panthers pieces, Matthew Tkachuk and the boys burst through the arena walls like some collective Kool-Aid man, went right at their opponents, and made life hell for them. We spent a lot of time talking about Tkachuk’s edge and Sam Bennett’s hits and Radko Gudas’ nastiness and so on. You could easily come to believe it was their gritty play (with goaltending) that got them where they were.

In Games 1 and 2 of the Stanley Cup Final they came out and played like that gritty style was their sole goal. They wanted to be the bully, and they didn’t do enough actual playing. As our own Iain MacIntyre noted, through the first two games Tkachuk played 34.5 minutes, while taking 36 PIMs. That’s not a great ratio for a Hart Trophy finalist.


In Game 3 he didn’t take any penalties, recorded no hits, and instead racked up a goal and an assist for two points, and was plus-3 in 18 minutes despite missing a chunk of the game in the quiet room.

When combing through the NHL’s EDGE IQ data (powered by AWS), it was fun to look at Tkachuk’s impact on projected goal rates (PGR), because he’s the primary figure involved in every piece of Florida’s offence. Their formula is as simple as it’s been the whole way through: they need saves, and they need Tkachuk to drag that offence to three goals (at a minimum) each night.

As you’ll see, where PGR is high, he’s the reason. Where it’s low and they still score, he makes the difference. Let’s look at Florida’s three goals from Game 3, and I’ll show you what I mean.

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The Game-Winning Goal

Tkachuk might be present-day Justin Williams in terms of clutchiness (that’s definitely a word, please don’t look it up just trust me). Tkachuk has scored three overtime winners, a series clincher in the dying seconds of regulation, set up another OT winner, and had a hand in Thursday night’s winner as well.


By Opportunity Analysis the OT winner graded out as a “low quality” chance, for fairly obvious reasons. It’s a clean shot from distance, unscreened, and Adin Hill is directly square to the shot without hindrance. (If he had a case for the Conn Smythe Trophy, this goal going in probably torpedoed that.)

Let’s have one look at the goal first. Watch Tkachuk come from the centre red line and go right down main street. His route is a teaching moment for young players looking for ways to be more involved in the offence.

The goal has some elements of the Game 3 OT winner versus the Toronto Maple Leafs, where a regroup and an assumed dump-in instead turns into the Panthers holding on to the puck and gaining the zone.

But on the shot itself — which Opportunity Analysis grades out as a low quality chance — look at the biggest factors which influenced that low rating, starting at the top of the clock, and working around to the smallest. Red indicates the factor lowered the PGR (as in, an influence that makes the attempt less likely to be a goal), and green the opposite:

The distance the shot was taken away from the goal line makes this chance less likely to go in. Same with how far away from the net the puck last passed across the middle of the ice (that’s “meridian crossing location”), and that the goalie is square to the puck (goalie angle) and in his proper stance (goalie height).

The only factors that say “this may increase the likelihood of the chance going in” are meridian related, and…they don’t actually impact this particular goal much (aside from the shot coming from dead centre of the ice, which is “distance to meridian”) even though the puck had just crossed the middle (“time since meridian crossing”).

But the model notes there’s no “screen” on the play here, right? Take another look from the goalie’s eyes and again notice Tkachuk’s positioning:


This is the Tkachuk factor and where guys like him, who are always around these areas, make life hard for goalies. It sure feels like he’s going to be in the lane of the shot, or will tip it, or will impact this play in some way, doesn’t it?

Maybe in 20 years we’ll be able to calculate a thing I just made up called a “mental screen?”

This attempt from Carter Verhaeghe has a low PGR, where Adin Hill should make this save, and Tkachuk doesn’t get a point. But you can’t look at the frame above and tell me he’s not the leading reason why Hill fails to make this save, and why the Panthers are now just one game back in the Stanley Cup Final.

The Game-Tying Goal

When the Panthers pulled their goalie, Tkachuk did what a lot of superstars do – they recognize the defence can no longer play man-on-man, and they look for ways to get lost.

It’s common when defending a 5-on-6 for the D to switch to fronting shots from distance, as getting tied up with any one player in front can lead to outnumbered situations down low (if there are two D in front, and one gets tied up while the other team has more skaters, well… that’s pretty dire).

Watch Tkachuk get lost behind the net, then emerge net-front beneath the Vegas defence.


We just saw a goal that graded out as a “low quality” PGR chance but, well, the game-tying goal was anything but. By the time Tkachuk got his stick on this puck, it’s the second-highest rated PGR opportunity of the entire playoffs. Look at all this green, it’s like Augusta National in April:

Great players often get themselves to quiet spots where if they get the puck, the opportunity will be so great it will lead to a goal (think Sidney Crosby constantly lurking off the back post with the goalie pulled). The Panthers created the bounce they needed here, and Tkachuk made no mistake.

Here’s where that shot attempt ranked in terms of PGR (the X-axis along the bottom), with the Y-axis being “goalie angle to puck,” as in, how open was the net? That’s Tkachuk, highlighted on the right:

The other one we’ve highlighted here is the save Adin Hill made in Game 1 of the Cup Final, just as a fun little bonus nugget, to see how ridiculous that save really was. But I digress. Back to Tkachuk.

The Game-Opening Goal

One of the greatest difficulties about scoring in the post-season is getting off the wall. Just four minutes into a game the Panthers had to win, Tkachuk made this slick little back-spin-and-slip to Brandon Montour, who shot from distance:

While this goal had nearly double the likelihood of going in than the OT winner, it still grades out as a low-quality chance for a simple reason: most shots taken from this far out with this many people around hit something instead of going in. All the factors that stop attempts from turning into goals are considered, and there are a couple bodies in the “shot cone” (from the puck to the posts) here. The goalie is square, in his stance, and the shot comes from distance, as you can see from the PGR factors pie chart below:

What increases the chances of this going in is pretty clear: “possible goalie vision block” is bright green, meaning Hill simply can’t see this shot. (A neat wrinkle in working with this model: it seems a possible vision block increases the likelihood of a “low quality” chance going in, but doesn’t always help on a “high quality” chance because it’s just another thing that can get in the way of the puck.)

In the end, it’s Tkachuk who makes yet another cheeky, small play that influences the Panthers getting a chance, which found their way into the net just enough times to get the win in Game 3. They’re 7-0 in overtime in the playoffs, and the Panthers’ leader is a massive reason why they’ve had so much success in those situations.

Tkachuk’s got his paws in everything for them, and if he continues to focus those energies on offence, they’ve got a chance to claw their way back into this series.


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