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College Football Power Rankings: Alabama back in top three as Oklahoma, Texas A&M fall sharply




There is one undefeated Power Five program left. Tennessee tested the Dawgs in the first half, but UGA rolled to finish out its SEC schedule. It can now tune up against Charleston Southern and Georgia Tech before the SEC Championship Game. Of course, Kirby Smart has probably been working on Alabama stuff since spring practice. — 10-0

Oklahoma’s loss helped, a lot. With only three undefeateds left, Cincinnati has to be seriously considered for the CFP now. Unless the SEC and Big Ten both get two in, how are you going to keep the Bearcats out if they keep winning? Might be a decision between a one-loss Oregon and undefeated Cincinnati. Who ya got? 1 10-0

That moan (or cheer) you heard was a continent of bettors reacting to the Tide covering the 51.5-point spread with 10 fourth-quarter points against New Mexico State. After a glorified, full-priced (for the fans) scrimmage, it’s back to the real world this week against Arkansas. 1 9-1

Body of work counts at this stage. Oregon’s body of work includes a two-month-old win over Ohio State that has stood the test of time. That’s enough to keep the Ducks in the top four. Joe Moorhead deserves the Broyles Award for maneuvering Anthony Brown through this season. And how about 635 combined rushing yards the last two weeks? 1 9-1

Ohio State
Outside the playoff at this point, for sure. The Buckeyes are clearly the best team in the Big Ten, but they still have to prove it and finish. C.J. Stroud is probably the Heisman Trophy frontrunner, but he still must prove it, too. 1 9-1

Oklahoma State
The new frontrunner in the Big 12? The Cowboys have everything in front of them after stifling TCU. OSU can get into the Big 12 Championship Game by winning out against Texas Tech and Oklahoma. At that point, we must talk about playoff contention. 1 9-1

Clutch, thy name is Wolverine. Budding star Erick All caught the winning touchdown pass at Penn State with less than 3 minutes left. All went into the Michigan State game with 16 catches on the season. In the last two games, he has 14. Michigan remains my sleeper pick for the CFP. 3 9-1

Michigan State
The Spartans arrive in Columbus, Ohio, this week with the Big Ten East on the line. The loser is eliminated from the CFP. The winner still has a significant hurdle left. MSU’s key is controlling the clock in The Shoe with Kenneth Walker III. The Buckeyes have won the last four meetings by a combined 129 points. 1 9-1

Lincoln Riley and OU still have everything out in front of them. They can win out and grab the Big 12 for the seventh straight year. The challenge will be convincing the CFP Selection Committee to somehow forget the job Baylor did on them. The last time OU was this inefficient (six points in the 2014 Russell Athletic Bowl), offensive coordinator Josh Heupel was fired and Bob Stoops hired Riley. 7 9-1

Notre Dame
No Brennan Armstrong, big problem for Virginia. Without one of the nation’s best passers, the Cavaliers had no answer for the methodical Fighting Irish. Cincinnati’s best friend in the CFP race is now 9-1. The Irish have to beat a pair of 3-7 teams, Georgia Tech and Stanford, to get to at least 11 wins for the third time in the last four years. That last happened in 1993. 2 9-1

Among Dave Aranda’s many accomplishments Saturday was shutting down Oklahoma’s Marvin Mims. In two career games against Baylor, Mims has three catches for 16 yards. The Bears find themselves in the running for a second Big 12 Championship Game berth in three years … with two different coaches! Something special is happening in Central Texas. 3 8-2

Ole Miss
Hear me out: Lane Kiffin for SEC Coach of the Year. It could happen. Ol’ Kiff has developed into a program guy, not just an offensive genius who says quirky things. That was a methodical takedown of Texas A&M that puts the Rebels in position for a New Year’s Six bowl. 1 8-2

Wake Forest
Wake has taken this basketball-on-grass thing a bit too far. Its games have averaged a combined 88 total points the last six contests. It has been involved in four games this season decided by three points, winning three of them. Another day, another shootout, 45-42 over NC State. 2 9-1

The most eye-popping stat of the week is Kirk Ferentz getting a $500,000 bonus for winning his eighth game over Minnesota. Quite a haul for essentially going 8-4. Nick Saban got $25,000 for his ninth victory. Tells you something about the expectations at both places. 1 8-2

Kenny Pickett became the program’s all-time passing leader with 346 yards to beat North Carolina in overtime. More than 30 NFL executives came to Pickett and North Carolina’s Sam Howell. A Wake-Pittsburgh ACC Championship Game is becoming a reality. 1 8-2

Bye. Utah is likely playing for the Pac-12 title. BYU has beaten four Pac-12 teams (including Utah). That incongruous possibility will be solved when the Cougars join the Big 12. The Cougars finish the season by playing Clay Helton’s current team (Georgia Southern) and his former team (USC). 2 8-2

The Roadrunners pulled away from Southern Miss in the final minutes to stay one of three undefeated in FBS. That means something if, say, Cincinnati happens to lose. It’s a longshot, but do you realize UTSA could be playing in a New Year’s Six bowl? 5 10-0

It’s possible Houston is the most anonymous 9-1 team in the nation. The Cougars clinched a spot in the AAC Championship Game by routing Temple. Cincinnati, tied for the nation’s second-longest winning streak (10), actually is further away, having to still win one game to get there against the Cougars, tied for the third-longest winning streak (nine). 1 9-1

Texas A&M
The Aggies still have the receipts from that Alabama win. At this point, that’s the only thing keeping them in the Power Rankings following a disappointing loss at Ole Miss. They went from highest-ranked two-loss team to highest-ranked three-loss team. Molotov, Jimbo. 7 7-3

So, they do grow tailbacks on trees in Madison! The latest, 17-year-old Braelon Allen, ran for 173 yards and three touchdowns against Northwestern. Wisco has won six in a row since stinking it up earlier. NR 7-3

Sam Pittman led the Razorbacks to their seventh win in an overtime victory over LSU. That’s the most wins for Arkansas since 2015. If Pittman beats Alabama this week, they’ll build a statue. 2 7-3

With Florida perhaps coming open, Billy Napier may have options. A ninth consecutive win kept momentum going for the Ragin’ Cajuns fourth straight appearance in the Sun Belt Championship Game. They have home-field advantage for the first time. 3 9-1

San Diego State
The Aztecs seized control of the Mountain West — I love writing that — in beating Nevada. It was another opportunity to watch SDSU’s most valuable player, kicker/punter Matt Araiza. He has two 80 yard punts this year and more than 15 greater than 60 yards. Araiza’s nation-leading 52.2-yard average would the longest in the game in at least 13 years. NR 9-1

NC State
Devin Leary threw for 408 yards and four touchdowns, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Wake Forest. Time to recalculate goals now that the Wolf Pack are all but eliminated from the ACC Atlantic race. Dave Doeren already has won at least seven for the seventh time in eight seasons. 3 7-3

Game of the year for both teams with Oregon coming to town this week. Oregon can clinch the Pac-12 North with one more win or an Oregon State loss. A Utah win would knock the Pac-12 out of the CFP. Does it care? No. The Utes can clinch the South with one more win or an Arizona State loss. NR 7-3

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Why Is Scentsy So Expensive? (10 Reasons)




If you have a lot of fragrances, you probably know Scentsy.


Scentsy specializes in making waxes, oils, body products, cleaning products, and air purifiers that produce its trademarked fragrances.

Their goal is to help connect people with past, positive, memories through fragrance alone.

When shopping on Scentsy, however, you’ll quickly find that their fragrance products tend to cost a bit more than others.

What about Scentsy makes its products so expensive?



Why Is Scentsy So Expensive? (10 Reasons)

Close up of aroma lamp with burning candle and essential


Scentsy products range from as little as $5 to over $200.

Its warmers regularly cost anywhere from $25 to $75.

Several factors such as the fact that their products come from the United States, their affiliation with certain intellectual properties, and their collectability make Scentsy’s products expensive.

Let’s look at these factors in more detail.



1. Licensed Partnerships

Disney sign


One of the reasons Scentsy is expensive is because it partners with certain brands.

In particular, some of its biggest licensed partnerships include:

  • Disney
  • Harry Potter
  • NFL

Within Disney, Scentsy also has licenses with several of its own IPs.

For example, it has partnerships with Star Wars and Marvel.


This makes Scentsy expensive for a few reasons.

The first is that some partnerships require a certain percentage of the sales to go to the partner.

Other partnerships allow a company to use licensed material for a certain price.

Whatever the deal Scentsy made with Disney, Harry Potter, and the NFL, they’re not going to make as much money on those products as they would their own products.

To correct this, Scentsy markets those products at more expensive prices.


That way, even though they might have to give money to the partner, they’re still making enough from the sale.

Another reason Scentsy’s partnerships make it more expensive is because of the marketing.

People love Disney, Harry Potter, and the NFL.

If they can get a candle or product with their favorite character or sports team on it, they’re going to buy it.

That means Scentsy is going to earn more money on those particular items because they sell more.


They’re recognizable and fun.

Since Scentsy knows those products are probably going to sell well, they put them at a slightly more expensive price point than its other items.


2. Affiliation With Disney Resorts

CHIBA, JAPAN: View of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel located in Tokyo


Scentsy doesn’t just have a licensing agreement with Disney.


It also has an association with its resorts.

Disney Resorts have a reputation for being expensive.

You get the full Disney treatment when staying at one of its famous resorts.

The guest service tends to be extremely helpful.

The rooms are usually spacious and themed.


Each resort also usually has a restaurant that serves incredible food.

You might also find that your room smells particularly wonderful.

Even in other areas of the resort, there may be a unique scent that makes the area seem luxurious.

There’s a good chance that the fragrances you’re smelling come from Scentsy.

Scentsy provides certain products to Disney resorts.


This makes the store expensive for a few reasons.

The first is that it connects your memories to your Disney experience.

Some people are willing to pay more money to rekindle those fond memories.

Secondly, because Disney resorts tend to make people think of luxury, the fragrance is also seen as luxurious.

Scentsy is thus able to charge luxury-level prices on some of its products.


There’s also just the association with Disney.

Practically everything at Disney costs more.

Since Scentsy has an association with Disney, some buyers may think that it’s just the Disney price they’re paying for their products.

Scentsy is expensive because it’s the fragrance of choice in Disney resorts.



3. Wax Lasts A Long Time

Electric wax warmer or wax heater with melted wax during heating


Scentsy is also expensive because its wax lasts a long time.

It uses a thick wax that takes a while to burn through.

The same goes for its warmers.

Its products simply last longer.


This makes Scentsy expensive for a few reasons.

The first is that people enjoy products that last a long time.

They don’t want to spend a good amount of money on something that only lasts a day, for example.

Most people want to get their money’s worth.

Since Scentsy’s products tend to last longer than the average scent product, people are more willing to spend more for their products.


This reinforces the price since Scentsy knows its customers are still buying from them.

Another reason is that customers end up buying fewer products.

When a product lasts longer, an individual needs to buy fewer of them.

That means Scentsy isn’t earning as much money as it might if it sold waxes that don’t last a long time.

To make up for that loss of money, they have to put a higher price tag on their products.


They focus on quality rather than quantity to earn their profit.

Other companies tend to focus on quantity.

They produce a lot of smaller and lesser quality scents with the expectation that customers will need to buy more scents sooner rather than later.

They’re able to put a cheaper price tag on their products because they’re selling their scents in bulk.

Scentsy’s products are bigger and last longer.


Since they’re able to last longer, they have to make more money per product.

To do so, they sell their products at higher prices.


4. Lifetime Replacement Warranty



Another reason Scentsy is expensive is that it has a lifetime replacement warranty.


If you buy a product from Scentsy and discover that it’s defective, you can return the item to Scentsy and get a new one for free.

You don’t have to pay for the replacement product.

Scentsy doesn’t provide cash returns.

Instead, they’ll replace your product with the same one to ensure you still get the experience that you wanted originally.

This makes Scentsy expensive because they’re putting a bit of risk on their company by providing a lifetime period on it.


In most cases, customers know immediately if their product has a defect or not.

However, they may choose not to report the defect until a few months after purchasing it.

Some customers may buy a Scentsy product as a gift.

As such, the recipient may not receive the gift until several months after the purchase.

When they open it, they may find that the product has defects.


Even if it’s several months later, you can still report the product to Scentsy.

They’ll give you a free replacement.

This may end up making Scentsy lose money.

Since they’re not able to charge you for the new product, they have to dip into their reserves to get you a new one.

To ensure they have enough reserves to handle this sort of situation, they put a higher price tag on their products.



5. Processing Fees For Defected Products

 White ultrasonic purifier, tulips and candles on table in bedroom


Scentsy is also expensive because it does charge processing fees for certain defective products.

There are a few products that Scentsy sells that they guarantee will be defect-free.

Those products include:

  • Scentsy diffusers
  • Scentsy Go
  • Scentsy Go Solid
  • Scentsy air purifiers

They state that the products should remain defect free for as long as the product lifetime.

However, in the rare case that you do end up with a product defect in one of those products, you can return it.

Scentsy will give you another product in return.

The problem with Scentsy’s return policy for these products is that they come with a processing fee.

For some of the products, the processing fee is quite high.

According to Scentsy’s policies, here are the fees you’ll need to pay if you want to return one of the products listed above:

  • Scentsy Air Purifier: $45
  • Scentsy Go: $18
  • Scentsy Go Solid: $15
  • Deluxe Diffuser: $20
  • Mini Fan Diffuser: $5
  • Premium Diffuser: $20
  • Wall Fan Diffuser: $12

This makes Scentsy expensive because you not only bought a defective product, but you also have to pay an additional fee to get Scentsy to give you one that works.


6. American Manufacturing

Close up of white soy wax flakes on a brown plate for candle


Scentsy produces its wax in America.

It also makes its products in America.

Since they use American manufacturing, it means they have higher labor costs.


American workers have higher wages than some other countries.

Since the American dollar tends to be higher than other currencies, Americans need to earn certain wages to afford to live in their own country.

Many also expect benefits, retirement savings, and health insurance.

Without those things, employers aren’t always able to entice American workers into working for them.

Or, at the very least, the workers might not be of the best quality.


Those sorts of expenses require the company to add more costs to its operations.

They need a safe environment in which to work.

They need to pay their workers fairly.

They also need to provide benefits.

Since labor costs are quite expensive, they have to make a certain amount of revenue to cover those costs and make a profit.


Scentsy does so by selling its products at higher prices.

A lot of consumers also like to support American-made products.

They don’t mind paying higher prices because they’re supporting American workers.

Scentsy understands that, too, which is why they’re mindful of how expensive their products become.

After all, their customers are only willing to pay prices that are so high.



7. Rare Fragrances

Aroma oil diffuser


You can buy a vanilla-scented candle almost anywhere, but you can’t buy some of Scentsy’s fragrances anywhere but at Scentsy.

That makes the company expensive because they, essentially, have a monopoly on certain fragrances.

Their partnerships with certain licenses add to this.


When they come out with a product that’s supposed to smell like Gryffindor from Harry Potter, for example, that’s not a scent that you can get anywhere else.

The same goes for some of its original scents.

You can only get them at Scentsy.

This makes Scentsy expensive because if you really want that particular fragrance, you have no choice but to buy it from them.

You can’t get it anywhere else.


Another reason their fragrances make them expensive is that they use unique ingredients.

Scentsy isn’t afraid to push boundaries and try new things.

They might use an ingredient that other fragrance companies would have normally stayed away from.

Rare ingredients cost money.

For one, there usually aren’t that many of those ingredients available on the market.


The particular ingredient may only bloom once a year, for example, if it’s a rare flower.

Other fragrance companies may also want to get their hands on certain ingredients.

It becomes a race to see who can put in the highest bid to get the ingredient.

If Scentsy has to pay a lot of money to use certain ingredients, they’re going to have to sell the product at an expensive price.

It covers the cost of manufacturing the product.


Scentsy is expensive because it uses rare fragrances that sometimes use expensive ingredients.


8. Subscriptions

subscription on laptop


Another reason Scentsy is expensive is that it offers a subscription service.

It calls it the Scentsy Club.


While the subscription service doesn’t cost you anything extra to enroll in it, it does make shopping at Scentsy more expensive.

That’s because of its nature.

The Scentsy Club subscription is a program where you pick things that you want Scentsy to regularly ship to you.

You can choose how often they send you products, but it’s usually every month.

This is expensive because the subscription plan essentially has you buying their products every month.


Even if you haven’t used up all of your previous shipment, you’ll get your next box of products.

At some point, you might find yourself with more wax and warmers than you know what to do with.

The subscription box is a way to get you to keep spending money at Scentsy even when you may not necessarily need the products.

If you forget about it, you could end up spending a lot of money each month without even realizing it.

The subscription service also makes Scentsy expensive because it requires workers to put those boxes together.


They have to fill the box with your order each month and ensure it gets to you.

That means more labor costs.

Since it drives up the price of operations, Scentsy has to have higher prices to cover it.


9. Shipping And Distribution Costs

Delivery man with parcel box



As with any business, the cost of shipping and distribution also makes Scentsy expensive.

Scentsy doesn’t use other carriers to ship its products.

It has its own warehouses and distribution centers.

This makes the business more expensive because that’s more people that they have to employ.

If they were to contract shipping out to a third-party carrier, they might be able to pay a yearly price.


They could even get different quotes from different carriers to go with the cheapest option.

Instead, Scentsy takes all those costs on itself.

Everything from paying truck drivers to truck maintenance is covered by Scentsy.

Because it makes their business more expensive to run, Scentsy has more expensive prices.



10. Collectible Warmers

Electric wax heater


A final reason Scentsy is expensive is due to its collectability.

It makes several products, particularly licensed products, that some might see as a collectible.

NFL enthusiasts, for example, might find that the NFL warmers are particularly collectible since each team has its own.

Disney fans might find certain Disney products collectible.


That’s because Scentsy releases those products as parts of collections.

They’re only available for a certain amount of time.

Collectibles are always expensive because they’re small in number.

Only a few people can get their hands on them before they’re gone.

If Scentsy ever makes it big, those collectibles could be worth something one day.


As such, savvy collectors might be in the market to pick them up for a good investment later.

Some of the items that you buy at Scentsy are expensive because they have a collectible price tag on them.



Scentsy is a fragrance company that makes warmers and waxes that don’t use flames to burn through the wax.

Their affiliation with Disney and other licensed companies tends to make their prices expensive.


The fact that they’re an American-made business and have their own distribution centers also makes them expensive.

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