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Kansas City Chiefs Rumors And News (Updated Daily)

Charles Woodson On Chiefs Season: “I Think Their Done”



(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

The Kansas City Chiefs are among the most disappointing teams in the league so far in 2021.

Patrick Mahomes has at least 1 turnover in the Chiefs’ past 6 games.


The Chiefs invested heavily in pass rushers Frank Clark and Chris Jones, but the defense has been a big disappointment.

This has left many wondering if there is too much to overcome this season for the Chiefs to make the playoffs.

According to Hall of Famer Charles Woodson, he believes the Chiefs are “done,” and will not make the playoffs.

Woodson says:

“What teams are doing is they are playing bend but don’t break defense.”

“They know they can get there with 4, get him (Mahomes) under pressure, and he will make some mistakes.”


“If you have an offense on the other side that you know can compete with them, you know you can score with them.”

“The Kansas City Chiefs are not gonna make the playoffs.”

The Chiefs also invested heavily in their offensive line this past offseason.


They have not seen the return on this investment.

Most teams are still getting to Mahomes without doing much blitzing.

The Chiefs can still make the playoffs, but it will not be an easy road.

They are 3-4, but have 5 divisional games remaining.

5 of their next 7 opponents are good teams that will most likely be in the playoffs.


3 of their next 4 opponents include the Cowboys, Packers, and Raiders.

The Chiefs must fix things quickly, but it’s hard to believe that can happen based on what we have seen in the first 7 games of the season.

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2 Players Chiefs Should Have Traded For At Deadline



(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

In one of the more surprising developments of the NFL season, the Kansas City Chiefs are not where most people thought they would be at the midway point.

They’re currently a .500 team, and just climbed back to that threshold after a struggle of a contest against the New York Giants on Monday night.


Given the exceptional track record they’ve put together over the last few seasons, it’s still too early to panic about Kansas City’s slow start.

With that being said, there are certainly cracks in the armor for a team that seemed to be a shoe-in for the AFC title game, at worst.

The Chiefs did acquire Melvin Ingram before the trade deadline from the Pittsburgh Steelers, and it should help a defense that has struggled so far in 2021.

However, there were a couple of other moves out there Kansas City would’ve been well advised to pursue that could have helped them just as much.


2. Marlon Mack

Patrick Mahomes is one of the most naturally gifted quarterbacks the game has ever seen, but he’s uncharacteristically forced some things that have led to turnovers.

There’s not much concern that he’ll revert back to the MVP-level form that we’re all accustomed to seeing.

However, every quarterback benefits from a solid supporting cast, which includes a viable running game.

Starting running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire is still not ready to return after suffering a knee injury in Week 5.

Since that time, Kansas City has patched it together in the backfield with the likes of Darrel Williams and Derrick Gore.


Even though Edwards-Helaire is the clear leader in that room, he probably hasn’t been as good as the draft capital invested in him (first round in 2020) would suggest.

For injury-related or competition-related reasons, the Chiefs would’ve been wise to bring on Marlon Mack from the Indianapolis Colts.

Mack has been relegated to scrap work behind Jonathan Taylor and Nyheim Hines.

He appears to be fully healthy after his Achilles injury in 2020, and would’ve served as a viable option for carries over Williams and Gore.

1. Odell Beckham Jr.

To be clear, bringing on the likes of an Odell Beckham Jr. would have been a luxury add for Kansas City, and would’ve cost a lot more to bring in than a rotational back like Mack.

But if the Chiefs are interested in getting back to the AFC title game, and perhaps a Super Bowl in a possible rematch with a loaded Tampa Bay Buccaneers team, a move like that would have been justified.

Beckham has been released by the Cleveland Browns, and it’s possible the Chiefs knew this would happen, and didn’t want to part with compensation due to that prediction.

With that said, a day-three draft pick probably would’ve been accepted by Cleveland.


While fellow supremely talented wide receiver Josh Gordon is playing more each week, the chances of him recapturing anything close to his old form after two years away are slim.

Beckham doesn’t figure to be the same player he once was either, but he has at least been in the league competing consistently.

Kansas City offers Beckham a team with a well-defined structure, and an offense that loves to air it out.

Perhaps we’ll see this pairing unite if/after Beckham clears waivers.


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3 Trades The Chiefs Should Make Before Deadline



(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The Kansas City Chiefs are at the bottom of the AFC West with a 3-4 record.

If they don’t turn things around, they are in danger of missing the playoffs for the first time in seven seasons.


Unfortunately, they can’t expect to change their fortunes without tweaking their roster.

They need much help at wide receiver because Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce are already doing the heavy lifting.

The Chiefs also need help at running back because of Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s absence.

Finally, their defense needs upgrades at defensive tackle, edge rusher, and cornerback.

It would be difficult for general manager Brett Veach to address these concerns in one trade deadline.


Aside from the ultimatum for transactions being a day away, there are not many cornerbacks available in the market.

However, there are trades that the Chiefs can explore to improve their chances of keeping their postseason streak alive.

3. Brandin Cooks – Wide Receiver, Houston Texans

It feels like the Texans are on a fire sale mode after trading Mark Ingram to the New Orleans Saints.


Deshaun Watson could be long gone if not for his legal issues, given the multiple interests to acquire him.

If Houston is on rebuild mode, Cooks will likely be the next person on the trading block, and the Chiefs must take a shot in acquiring him.

He continues to be a productive player despite experiencing three trades in his career.

Cooks has five seasons of at least 1,000 receiving yards and is on track for number six in 2021.


As of writing, Cooks is tenth in receiving yards this season with 585.

But he might continue the season with another team after tweeting his frustration about the Ingram trade.

He will count for only $1.2 million against the salary cap, a bargain for a player of his caliber.

However, the Chiefs must consider his $14 million price tag next year.


Getting Cooks will give Kansas City the big receiver they desperately need.

That luxury will come in handy at the red zone or during jump ball situations.

2. Marlon Mack – Running Back, Indianapolis Colts

Opposing defenses know what’s coming in practically every play during Edwards-Helaire’s absence.

That’s why they would instead drop seven or eight people in coverage to defend against Hill and Kelce.


It’s easier said than done but stopping those two players will shut down their offense

Therefore, they must mix it up by bringing a talent like Mack to their backfield.

It may not be the most appealing trade available, but Mack is hoping to get out of Indianapolis after Jonathan Taylor became the featured running back.


He is healthy and can provide a boost to the Chiefs’ running game if given a chance.

Mack had stellar seasons in 2018 and 2019, wherein he finished with 908 and 1091 yards, respectively.

Once Edwards-Helaire returns, a partnership with Mack is a backfield tandem that other teams will respect.

Likewise, trading for him won’t break Kansas City’s bank because he will count for only $250,000 against the cap.


1. Charles Harris – Defensive End, Detroit Lions

It would be better for the Detroit Lions to trade Harris away if he doesn’t fit their plans.

On the other hand, the Chiefs need all the help they can get on defense because they surrender close to 130 rushing yards per game.

Worst, they’re only generating 1.1 sacks per game which are the NFL’s worst per-game average.

They need another person to bring the heat other than Chris Jones and Frank Clark.

Harris can be that guy because he’s doing reasonably well during his stint with the Lions.

Pro Football Focus reports that Harris has 20 quarterback pressures and four sacks in 172 snaps.

When prorated, he will also be worth what’s left of his $750,000 salary, which is a low-key deal that can pay big dividends for the Chiefs.

If he does well, Kansas City can sign him for a long-term deal.

That scenario is not a bad bargain considering it will need a draft selection in the latter rounds to acquire him.


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Kansas City Chiefs Rumors And News (Updated Daily)

NFL Insider: I Have Never Seen This Many Chiefs Tickets For Sale



(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The Kansas City Chiefs have not performed up to expectations so far in 2021.

The Chiefs have a lot of problems including the play of Patrick Mahomes.


“You can just watch the tape and know I need to play better to have success,” he said.

Apparently, the Chiefs’ struggles have now resulted in fewer fans wanting to attend their games.

According to ESPN NFL Draft Analyst Matt Miller, he has never seen so many tickets for sale on the secondary market for the team.

He says:

“If you’re looking to watch MNF for very cheap in Kansas City, tickets are out there.”

Mahomes has been the subject of criticism for his play for the first time in his career.

Many analysts have theorized why the Chiefs are struggling in 2021.

Some of those reasons include that the NFL has caught up to the Chiefs and their schemes.

Mahomes is the least blitzed Quarterback in the league at a rate of only 10.7% of snaps with defenses playing mostly a Cover 2 defense. 

ESPN analyst Brian Griese thinks the difference is the play of the offensive line this season.


“The difference is in the offensive line, and they are struggling to run the ball consistently,” said Brian Griese

Others have mentioned that Mahomes should perhaps keep his family off social media as they have become a distraction.

Here is a recent viral video that shows Mahomes, his fiancee Brittany, and brother Jackson Mahomes on a night out.

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